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Cloverleaf, Truro

Highland Rd, Truro, MA, USA

In Development

Property Description


Cloverleaf will include 39 units of mixed-income housing in Truro at Highland Road and Route 6.

Twenty five of the units will be reserved for tenants earning up to 60% of area median income; eight will be reserved for those earning up to 100% of area median income: and the remainder will be market rate.

The Truro Affordable Housing Trust Fun has designated $800,000 toward the construction of Cloverleaf. Additional construction funding is currently being applied for from the MA Department of Housing and Community Development in their next funding cycle, which will be announced in December 2022.

Most of the housing is sited at this 54’ elevation plateau oval roadway and landscaped common. The housing types around the green are either two-unit townhouse structures each on two levels plus basements with laundry hook-ups, or they are in a building on three levels with primarily single bedroom apartments. This apartment building also includes a community room and a common laundry. The inclusion of the apartment building responds to the needs and desires expressed in the RFP for smaller units for seniors or those who desire single level living. Five units will also be fully ADA compliant.

The rest of the housing proposed is located either on the slopes coming into the site or at the rear of the site where the grade drops down. At these sloped portions of the site, the housing forms have varied to utilize the sloped terrain, some units have individual garages under the units and others have entrances at three different levels in a stacked three-family house.

The architectural style of the buildings is a variation on the cape cod vernacular with hip and gable and shed roof styles. The building will be sided with either cedar shingles or clapboard. The roof structures will allow for solar panels.

Landscape Design

A native landscape is fundamental to the design of all CHR developments. We have found the best method for achieving a native landscape is, prior to excavation, the ground cover plants and 1 foot of topsoil (the “duff layer”) will be removed and stockpiled in an area of the site out of the way from potential damage. Following completion of road construction the side slopes will be covered with the duff layer material to allow native plant material to emerge in future seasons. Also the material will be spread throughout the oval green area. Likewise, following framing all structures the duff layer will be spread on all disturbed area to allow native plant material to emerge in future seasons.

Additional plantings throughout the site in disturbed areas, along the entrance roadway and in the oval common area green will utilize native plantings including oaks, shadbush/serviceberry, inkberry, clethra, highbush and lowbush blueberry, bearberry and native clump grasses including little bluestem and crinkle hair grass.

The site will also have an irrigation well for maintain the plantings so as not to utilize Public Water Supply for that purpose.

Property Location

Highland Rd, Truro, MA, USA

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