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You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

If there’s something we haven’t covered, get in touch with us. Community Housing Resource, Inc. is here to help you however we can.

I've applied previously for housing.  Do I have to send in a new application?

If you applied in 2021 or later to be added to the Wait List for Existing CHR Communities, and you have a Wait List Number, you do not have to send in a new application.  If you applied for any housing prior, you will have to submit a Pre-Application.  When Cloverleaf in Truro and Paine Hollow Road in Wellfleet are ready for lottery and resident selection, you will need to complete a new Pre-Application for each.

Will I lose my housing if my income changes?

Every resident will have to do an income re-certification every year to determine your rent level, based on the restrictions of your unit.  You will not lose your housing if your income changes, but your rent will be changed accordingly, as outlined in your lease.

I found my PlusOne and we want to share my home.

Housing restrictions set by the Department of Housing and Community Development require that there can be no additions to the household during the first year of occupancy.  After that time frame, any new addition to the household will be required to go through the same certification process, income verification, and reference checks.  Your new rent will be based on the newly formed household composition.

Do you allow pets?

We LOVE pets and they are allowed.  However, there is a two pet maximum and please be advised that due to insurance regulations, some animal breeds are not allowed.  New residents will have to provide pet information on their full application.  Current residents wanting to add a pet will have to get approval first.

You reached my number on the Wait List for an available home.
It's just not right (for whatever reason) for me.  If I pass on it, am I eliminated from the Wait List?

We understand that your home needs to be good fit for you, your family, your job, etc.  Transportation, home size, layout, and other factors can be an impediment for going through the process.  You will not lose your place on the Wait List if you have to decline a unit.

A friend with a higher number than me got a call for housing but I did not.  Why?

This is a Wait List for all current properties and units.  We may have to skip over applicants because they do not meet the requirements of the unit available.  For example, you may be a single person household, and the available unit was a three-bedroom.

I'd like to set-up a time to meet with you, review my information, look at my options, and get help with other housing options.

As a small, private company, we are not staffed to make individual appointments with potential or current applicants.  We suggest that if you are a client of an Outer Cape human service agency (ASGCC, HOW, a local Council on Aging, etc.), you should contact your case manager.  In addition, Homeless Prevention Council is an excellent resource for housing issues on the Outer Cape and they can be contacted at (508) 255 - 9667.

I've been on the Wait List for a year.  When will I get a call?

There are over 300 households on our Wait List, of which 80% are one-person households. 

Turnover at our properties has been historically low since our first community was occupied.  Many of our residents are original occupants.  

CHR makes no assertions as to the length of time an applicant will be on the Wait List before being reviewed for potential available homes.

Is smoking allowed?

All new leases are for indoor smoke-free environments.  Some residents may be exempt because their tenancy began prior to the new restrictions. 

I need to update information on my Wait List Application

Our Wait List is now being managed by The Community Builders.  You can contact them at 508.487.9087 or send them an e-mail

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